Add "Affordable" HP Printers To The 3D Blitz

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Clearly, 2010 is poised to be the "year of 3D." This includes movies, TV and maybe even "affordable" printers for small businesses. HP and Stratasys have teamed up to deliver a 3D printer that should cost less than $15,000.

"This is the boldest step we have seen so far in 3-D printing," says Scott Summit, chief technology officer for Bespoke Innovations, a company that creates 3-D artifacts for medical use. "A lot of people want to do 3-D printing but it is a mysterious world. With HP embracing it, it is likely to demystify the idea to many consumers."

"There are millions of 3-D designers using 2-D printers," says Santiago Morera, vice president and general manager of HP's large format printing business, in a statement. "Stratasys' technology is the ideal platform for HP to enter the market and begin to capitalize on this untapped opportunity."


There aren't any specifics on the hardware or the price, but hobbyists and small businesses should be pretty excited about the future. In the meantime, your cheapest option for 3D printing continues to be the Makerbot. It's certainly not as advanced as the HP printer promises to be, but a kit will only set you back $750. [Wired]

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This stuff is awesome, but not really useful for people who aren't 3D designers, at least until they can make it print with multiple materials without having to constantly switch out cartridges.

Once it can print conductive metal, hard plastic, soft plastic, and some kind of elastic material (all from the same machine in the same job) then it will be a huge deal.