YouTube Opening Online Movie Rental Service Tomorrow For Fans Of Little Choice

Illustration for article titled YouTube Opening Online Movie Rental Service Tomorrow For Fans Of Little Choice

2010 looks like the year YouTube will leap back into headlines for non-Susan Boyle-related reasons. Thank god for that. After yesterday's live cricket streaming deal was mentioned, their move into online movie rentals should make indie movie lovers happy.


Taking on Netflix, Apple TV, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, YouTube's new rental service will launch on the 22nd of January—as in, 22nd of January TOMORROW.

If you suddenly have grandiose plans of streaming the entire back catalog of John Hughes films, think again. There'll be just five movies available at launch, titles which launched at the last two Sundance Film Festivals—The Cove, Bass Ackwards, One Too Many Mornings, Homewrecker and Children of Invention. Anyone? No, me neither.

Prices will be $3.99 for four of those films (the fifth price is unknown), and only those living in the US will be able to live-stream them. Over a 48-hour time slot.

This is all well and good, but if that dirty little rumor concerning being turned into a streaming service actually comes good, consider YouTube's indie frolicking as being as good as dead. [BBC News]



It's as if Apple and Google are going out of their way to compete with each other. I'm half expecting them to start an airline or make a new cereal by the end of the year. Googlio's vs iFlakes.

-Googlio's are free, but the box is full of ads and they keep track of your cereal consumption.

-iFlakes are easier to eat, but they're expensive and are only compatible with Apple's proprietary milk, spoon, and bowl.