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Soon Toy Cars Will Be Powered by Mountain Dew

Illustration for article titled Soon Toy Cars Will Be Powered by Mountain Dew

Glucose-powered bio-batteries aren't a brand new idea, but Japanese toymaker Takara may be among the first to attempt to use them in their products. They've made some prototype remote controlled toy cars which run on our favorite sweet drinks.


Apparently those cars are powered by energy "generated by using enzymes to break down glucose found in sugary drinks" such as sodas, energy drinks, or fruit juice. One 8cc dose of such a liquid will keep a toy car running for 60 minutes and the higher the sugar content, the faster the cars will run.


This leaves two questions: When can I play with one of these and which soda will make it go the fastest? [CrunchGear]

Picture by Paxton Holley

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This gentleman hopes it will run on Sioux City sarsaparilla.