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Fox News: Apple Tablet May Be Sold By Both Verizon and AT&T

Fox News. When they're not talking of celebrity chests, they're opining about Apple rumors! They got next week's event date wrong, but now they're quoting sources saying Apple "is in talks" with both Verizon and AT&T for the tablet.


Supposedly there'll be two versions of the tablet, one offered on CDMA with Verizon's and the other on AT&T's GSM network. Interestingly, they suggest that Apple is still having those discussions, with nothing tied down firmly yet—which could certainly add weight to the speculation that the tablet won't actually hit shelves until June. But hey, it's Fox News. How 'bout those celebrity chests, eh? [Fox News]

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This is sort of like being the hottest hunk in high school and dating two of the ugliest girls in the class, isn't it? Well, who am I to judge?

While I enjoy reading the rumors, I will reserve my anger and annoyance for the official "whatever-it-is-called" product. I am sure there will be enough problems without getting upset about what Fox News is pulling out of their fair and balanced hiney.