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Portable Freezer Concept is Fisher-Price Nice

Illustration for article titled Portable Freezer Concept is Fisher-Price Nice

This is not a kid's toy to build spatial awareness and Tengu knowledge. Rather, it's a cute idea for a portable freezer by a dude called Ruben Iglesias* that's powered by photocells in two LED lamps, working via magnetic induction.


See those two yellow things in the lid? That's you, that is. Well, maybe it's some of our readers. They contain the photocells that power the freezer, dispensing the current via magnetic induction, and double up as lamps. You can set the lights to three modes: On; Flicker; and SOS, I've eaten all the pies and am so fat I can't get off the picnic rug. Muuuuuuuum!

If you've really stuffed the freezer box (this is not a euphemism) then you'll need both of the yellow thingies to keep your scran cool. If you're a Zoe-bot and it's only half full, then you only need one of the batteries. I likey. [Yanko]


*I'm really hoping he's Julio Iglesias' nephew and this is actually a container to transport the fresh blood of virgins that his uncle needs to stay looking "young" (I mean that in the loosest possible terms, of course.)

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Josh Barker

I didn't understand a single word of the second paragraph. Its like, a dictionary was thrown into a shredder and then the contents dumped onto a piece of paper with glue all over it. Whatever words stuck to the glue was what was put in that paragraph. Wow.