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200-Meter-Long Superyacht Makes All Billionaires' Existing Yachts Look Merely Clitoral

Illustration for article titled 200-Meter-Long Superyacht Makes All Billionaires Existing Yachts Look Merely Clitoral

Ain't it always the way? Just when you think you're the owner of the world's biggest yacht, an even larger one appears out of nowhere? (Well, I say nowhere, I really mean Belgium, where boat designers Emocean hail from.)


At 656 ft - 99 ft longer than Roman Abramovich's dinghy - the uberyacht will have a drive-in garage, a pair of 98-ft day boats, a helipad, a hanger, a 30-meter swimming pool, nightclub, casino, games room, a two-level cinema, three beach clubs and a health spa. There are 10 VIP rooms, 22 guest suites and a private deck for the owner.


The floating turd - just look at the color of that thing - houses 45 passengers and 70 crew and bobs along at an impressive 28 knots. Range is 6,500 nautical miles. And is it just me, or do those long gunslits/porthole-y things spell out Ha Ha Ha? Ha. [James Spotting]

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also: Mickey mouse ears. Wtf?