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Google Wants to Add Store Interiors to Maps

Illustration for article titled Google Wants to Add Store Interiors to Maps

It probably won't result is as many hilarious candids as Street View, but the rumored "Google Store View" sure sounds handy. Presumably, it will eventually let you check out the interior of any participating retailer through Google Maps.


The report comes from Search Engine Land, which was contacted by a New York company called Oh Nuts. Apparently the almond-monger recently got a visit from camera-toting Google guys, who photographed their entire store, six feet at a time, in every direction.


So essentially, you'd be able to see a storefront in Street View, click on it, and check out the interior for inventory, cleanliness, layout, etc. Not bad! Although a project of this scale would take a looooong time to roll out.

Google's officially issued a no-comment non-denial of the sort that early-stage projects like this usually get. We'll find out eventually, I suppose, especially if any other nut stores out there come forward with tales of Google guy visits past. [Search Engine Land via Consumerist]

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I work retail...this won't work well. Street view works because it streets don't change often. I change my floor monthly. Are they going to come in monthly and check out my new end caps and bulks? Fail.