HTC HD2 Gets In On the Kickstand Craze That's Sweeping the Nation

Illustration for article titled HTC HD2 Gets In On the Kickstand Craze Thats Sweeping the Nation

Kickstands are enjoying something of a renaissance lately as tablets have jumped to the forefront of everyone's attention, so it's only natural that the HD2, the most tabletesque of smartphones, is getting a combination kickstand/battery pack of its own.

The battery definitely adds some bulk to the skinny HD2, but if you're looking to take advantage of its 800x480 screen to do some video-watching on the go, then an extended battery and a sweet kickstand are two things that could suit you well.


Taking part in the zeitgeist will only cost you £41.11 when the battery pack is available in March. [Cool Smart Phone via Engadget]

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The Archos has had this for years on their devices.