How to Build Your Own 12-Game Mini Arcade Machine

When I first saw this tiny arcade back in September, it was love at first byte. And now that there's an instructional video, I can build one of my very own. It looks so easy in fast forward!

The ingredients are easy enough to come by: a plug and play system mounted to a wooden case, a LCD screen lifted from a portable DVD player, and various assemblage tools. Of course, if you're fresh out of elbow grease, you can always bid on the model shown in the video on eBay. [Thanks, Zack!]

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Seeing this transported me back to the eighties when I woke up Christmas morning to one of these under the tree. It was such a wonderful gift ... for about thirty minutes. I suspect the 2010 model is a significantly better replication of the arcade experience, but my kids would be just as happy playing the version we have on the PSP.