The Flaming Lips' Crib Is Even More Psychedelic Than Their Music

Illustration for article titled The Flaming Lips' Crib Is Even More Psychedelic Than Their Music

Wayne Coyne, frontman of the acclaimed rock band The Flaming Lips, recently renovated his Oklahoma compound, and the new space gives the group's music a run for its money in terms of psychedelic flair, playful construction, and sheer imagination.


The last we saw of Coyne, he was, naturally, sitting in a bathtub on Google Street View. If you thought that was the weirdest place he bathes, wait until you see his bathroom. Its Gaudiesque drip-castle design—Coyne refers to it as the "drug damaged, artist element of [his] home"—is certainly one of the highlights of his new pad, realized by FitzSimmons Architects.

An adjoining alcove, accessed by a glittering circular passageway, scores serious bonus points for including the Giz-featured world's most beautiful object: the Gyrofocus fireplace.

Having seen Coyne's appropriately trippy poop cave, it's got me wondering if other musicians' homes reflect their sensibilities as closely. Is John Mayer's house ordinary and forgettable on the outside but chaotically and impenetrably decorated on the inside? Does Prince's Minneapolis home have a bunch of sex swings? Yes, yes, I'm sure it does. [Fitzsimmons Architects via Design Milk via Geekosystem]


The fan seems to have been ripped off from a heavy-lifting helicopter!

I am now depressed...I wish I had a place like that :(