Microsoft's Super-Precise BlueTrack Mice Now Cost Under $30 With Three New Models

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When Microsoft introduced its BlueTrack mice technology in late 2008, they promised laser precision on any surface—whether that be carpet, wood or the belly of a dog. Now you can grab three new models for under thirty bucks.

The three models—the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, Wireless Mouse 2000 and Comfort Mouse 4500—all have the same BlueTrack tech, but differ in size and transceivers. The Mobile Mouse 3500 has a nano-transceiver and rubber grips on the side for extra support when surfing, whereas the 2000 model is larger, with a snap-in transceiver. As the name suggests, the Comfort Mouse 4500 is probably the most cushioned of the lot, but actually has one (if you ask me) hindrance—a wire. It's the first BlueTrack mouse with a wire though, so obviously they agree with me.


While the 2000 model comes in just plain ol' black and will be available in March, the 3500 is in the mysterious "lock ness gray" and tantalizing "dragon fruit pink," and won't be seen until April, with the March-bound 4500 aimed at the kids in "sea blue," "poppy red" and "strawberry pink." [Microsoft]

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Just what does one need all the precision for?