Walmart Kills Vudu's Porn Section Altogether

Just as we feared, Walmart is eliminating Vudu's "After Dark" section after purchasing the streaming company/technology for $100 million. Walmart, who doesn't sell adult films and only sells edited version of some music, basically just did what was in line with their image. Sad, since Vudu was the only big video streaming place where you could get porn from onto your TV? [Techcrunch]



This is really sad the way Corporate America bans sexual content but sells graphic violence by the truck load. How come movies that depict mutilation and dismemberment (ex. Sin City) can get an R rating and stock the shelves? God forbid we see the top of a girl's bush, then the movie relegated to NC-17, and not widely distributed.

Only in America is graphic violence completely acceptable, and giant companies like Apple and Walmart do their best to pretend the multi-billion dollar porn industry is for a small degenerate portion of society.