Flash Player 10.1 and the Nexus One's Battery Life

After all the talk of Flash Player 10.1 and what it does to gadgets' battery lives, the folks at FlashMobileBlog decided to take the old-fashioned approach to finding out how the Google Nexus is affected: Playing a lot of videos.


They found that "video can be played for well over 3 hours over Wi-Fi from YouTube in H.264 (Baseline 1.2)." One's gotta wonder whether this is acceptable battery consumption or not, but the big idea is that we can extend that time by playing with configurations (backlight, Wi-Fi vs 3G, etc) and encouraging the availability of optimized content.

You can read more about what content providers can do to optimize content and about the various configurations tested by FlashMobileBlog at their site. [FlashMobileBlog via Carolyn Penner]


This is evidence enough for me that Flash (at least for video) causes an unjustifiable decrease in battery life on the Nexus One. Compromising by reducing screen brightness... while watching video that's draining your battery? Seems silly to me.

The Nexus One is a phone first, and a Flash video player... well not even second or third... so how is the drain justifiable?

On a device like an iPad the drain may be more acceptable.

EDIT: 'Unjustifiable' is used above as depicted:

I'm walking around in an abandoned building at night, and I fall down an elevator shaft, but survive. Just as I push 'call' on my mobile phone to seek help, the battery dies, and I think (in panic) to myself, "f*ck, if only I hadn't watched all those trailers." That's unjustifiable.