Infographic: Sony's Overwhelming Gadget Line-Up

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Thanks to Shane Snow for the design and Don Nguyen for the extensive data collection.



Wow, I will admit I never realized how many different products Sony has their name on.

I said this yesterday in another thread, but I am going to say it again. I think one of Sony's biggest problems is brand recognition. People want names they can remember easily Blackberry Bold, Nexus One, and Apple iPhone are prime examples. This helps create brand recognition.

When you have products all over the map with confusing names and features, not only does it cannibalize sales, it makes it hard to create brand recognition which any company needs, especially tech companies.

Sony really needs to slim down. I am not an Apple fanboy, but what helps Apple is the fact that Apple only has a couple different products in each category with names that are easily remembered.

I may be completely wrong, this is just my opinion.