The Complete Popular Science Archive Now Available

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Warning: If you don't want to waste a lot of time today, tomorrow, and the rest of the year, don't open the door to 137 years of Popular Science. Those old school mags are addictive. [PopSci]


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Gawn Til November

Something has been bothering me recently.

I remember really wanting to get into technology/computers when I was a child because I was really excited what the future was going to bring. These magazines were like the bible to me, and I couldnt wait for the future to come, because it was going to be great.

I definitely wasnt expecting the Jetsons, BUT something closer to Robo-Cop.... Blade Runner... Even closer to Minority Report


We have things that 'work' that probably should have been restructured a LONG time ago.

For examples

1- Paper mail. We LITERALLY received a letter yesterday that stated "In a week you will receive a letter"(Census)

2- Paper money. Do you know how much it cost to print money? only to burn it soon after

I just feel, we have SERIOUSLY slowed down our technological progression... Granted we are making progress, ANYWHO! We have the technology to build self driving cars, electric car, etc, BUT WE DONT because what he have now 'works'

Granted, the Internet is one thing that I would say is a step in the right direction

/rant over