Pink Floyd Wins Legal Battle to Only Sell Full Albums Online

Illustration for article titled Pink Floyd Wins Legal Battle to Only Sell Full Albums Online

If any band could justify not selling individual tracks, its Pink Floyd. What, you just want Summer '69 but not Atom Heart Mother Suite? Come on. Now, you won't have that option.


Pink Floyd has just won a legal battle with label EMI prohibiting their music from being sold as individual tracks. If you want to listen to Floyd, you'll be buying full albums.

The ruling was based on a contract they signed way back in 1967, before the internet was a glint in a chubby nerd's eye. The band argued that the contract contained a clause to "preserve the artistic integrity of the albums." EMI, on the other hand, argued that the contract just referred to physical records, as that's all that existed at the time. The judge agreed with Pink Floyd.

As of right now you can still grab individual tracks on iTunes, but that shouldn't last too long. So if you want Pigs On the Wing but not the rest of Animals, now's your last chance. [BBC via MacRumors]


Great, instead of letting technology make it easier for us to get what we want, we can revert back to the old way of doing things, which involves us paying for things we don't want.

Yeah, that sounds great. Makes me feel all nostalgic ... or something.