Unreal Engine 3 Got Ported to Palm's webOS Too

Unreal Engine 3? The graphics engine that powers many, many games (Gears of War, Mass Effect, Arkham Asylum) on consoles today? Ported on to Palm's webOS? Neat, but not as neat as you'd think.

Unreal Engine 3—a version of it, at least—was already ported to the iPhone last year. Since the Pre and the iPhone both use PowerVR chips, the fact that Epic managed to port an engine that was already downsized to fit on a mobile chip to another phone that runs a very similar version of their mobile chip isn't that impressive. But it is cool for Pre users, since that means games that use Unreal Engine 3 will be possible in the future. [MobileCrunch]




Now if only Palm could come out with a battery that doesn't die from 20 minutes of gaming an hour of talking or 6 hours of doing nothing they may be in business