Apple's Magic Mouse Gets Decidedly Unmagical Ergonomic Fix

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The Magic Mouse, for all of its sleek lines and multitouch, uh, magic, can feel a little awkward in the hand. MMFixed has the solution: a stick-on hump that gives your fingers some leverage and your palm some lovin'.


I'm in a good place with my trackpad right now. I've finally mastered the multitouch gestures and I'm scrolling, expose-ing, and twisting through tabs like never before. At the same time, it's hard to resist the Magic Mouse's seduction. It's like the Ferrari of mice. You know you don't need it but you can't help wanting it.


If that's the case, using the MMFixed hump—a soft, silicone nub that uses a suction cup to attach to the mouse—is like putting one of those funny surfboard-shaped storage things on top of your Ferrari. It might diminish the sex appeal, but if you need the functionality, you need it.

So if you love the Magic Mouse but are worried about your hand forming into a permanent claw from the weird contortions it requires, your fix has arrived. It'll cost you $10 and months of wondering if this is how things were supposed to be. [MM Fixed]

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I love all the people saying that the MM is somehow egronomic. If it was so egronomic, why would the market for this product even exist? When was the last time you saw someone selling shims/spacers for a Logitech or M$ mouse? And for everyone who says that they rest their wrist flat, holding the MM by the edges with their thumb and two smallest fingers. Do you all have groves under those fingers from holding the mouse by it's 90 degree beveled edges? Cause my fingers aren't shaped like that. Those mouse edges look like implements of purification through pain, in order to please an absent Jobs/god.