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Underground Robot to Blow Up Bunkers

Illustration for article titled Underground Robot to Blow Up Bunkers

The US Defense Threat Reduction Agency wants a robot capable of navigating underground—drilling through soil and rock—to deliver an explosive load. A "one-time use, air-delivered, highly mobile vehicle having certain characteristics similar to an unmanned ground vehicle".


Called Robotic Underground Munition (RUM), this underground robot would first soft land, then start drilling, navigating under the Earth—away from Global Positioning Systems—until it reaches its target. Once it arrives to its destination—obviously an underground man-made structure—the robot would have to go through the last line of defense and explode inside.

It sounds like a truly terrifying weapon. If they are successful, it would make a lot of bad bad people really unhappy. [FedBizOppsAres]
Image by Keith MacNeill

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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

The main problem I see here is power. Drilling through any sort of rock, even highly fractured rock, requires an awful lot of energy. No current battery technology could do it. Too, how would it dissipate all the heat it generates?