Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: What Lies Beneath Edition

In today's Remainders: things lurking below the surface. Literally, a fuel cell-powered fish. Less literally, ISP's seething contempt for the FCC's new National Broadband Plan. Also: Samsung's David Lee Roth tablet love and a helicopter with rocket-powered blades. Yikes.

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ISPs and FCC, Sitting In a Tree
Yesterday, FCC announced it's National Broadband Plan. It's ambitious—hoping to put 100Mbps internet in 100 million homes—as we knew it would be. It's also going to piss off ISPs, as we knew it would. Of course, the bigwigs were quick to respond, and of course, they say a whole lot of nothing. Here's a sampling.
Time Warner CEO, Glenn Britt:

We share the FCC's goal of universal broadband deployment and adoption and we look forward to participating in a robust dialogue around all aspects of the plan.

Verizon Exec VP, Tom Tauke:

Verizon strongly supports the emphasis in the National Broadband Plan on the deployment of broadband facilities and adoption by all Americans.

Comcast CEO, Brian Roberts:

We commend the FCC for the immense effort involved in researching and writing the National Broadband Plan.


Of course it wouldn't look good for them to have their daggers out just yet, but you can be sure they will be out eventually. [Engadget]

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Tablet Talk
The tablet is as seductive to companies as it is to consumers, and the latest one to fall under the spell is Samsung. The director of their Australian IT division confirmed that they will be releasing a "PC grade" tablet in the second quarter of the year to compete with the iPad, which the Samsunger criticized for its wimpy processing power and connectivity. What Samsung apparently doesn't realize is that it's not brute force that attracts us to the tablet, it's the sensuality. The touch. The curves. The look, inside and out. It's the same type of attraction that draws us to Prince. I fear that Samsung has more of a David Lee Roth slate in mind. [SlashGear]

Rocket Power
You don't even have to watch this video of a helicopter with rocket-powered blades to know it's a bad idea. Just open it in another tab, listen to the terrible whine of its jet-tipped rotors, and be glad you're not in its immediate vicinity. [PopSci]

Fish Power
Here's a video of a little fuel-cell powered fish. It left us with a lot of questions. The first of which was "is this cool?" Rosa thought it was "neat," but she "didn't get excited by it." David thought it was "kinda neat." Wilson said it was "crazy." Jesus said it "leaves him cold." Jason summed the dilemma up: "I can't tell if that fish is cool or not." On the one hand, it's quite lifelike and fuel cells are cool. On the other, the fuel cell version wasn't even used for this video demo. The verdict is still out. Another question: is a human narrating this video, or a text to speech robot?



It took me a minute to realize you were only complaining of the sound. I expected "bad idea" to correlate with "crash" so I wait with baited breath (5 minutes?!) and it just never happened. Disappointment, yet still satisfaction that at least someone got to have some fun. It may be loud, but it would also be a hell of a lot of fun.