AT&T Zero Charger Sucks Absolutely No Vampire Power

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Available at AT&T stores starting in May (for an unknown price), the AT&T Zero Charger is the world's first wall-based USB charger that draws absolutely no power when it's not refilling a cellphone. Now follow suit, everyone else. [AT&T]

UPDATE: It looks like another company beat AT&T to it and did things better. From Volt-Star:

It is our understanding that the AT&T device automatically shut down when the device or cell phone is unplugged. The VoltStar Eco Charger goes one step farther and shuts down once the phone is charged.



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Not the world's first - the iGo Green line has been doing zero power for ages.

But I won't let that get in the way of AT&T making false claims, they are good at it.