Become the King of Summer with a DIY Super Super Soaker

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Buying a water gun at Target is all well and good, but you'll have the same equipment as everybody else. If you want a leg up, you need to build it yourself. And you might as well go crazy.

Illustration for article titled Become the King of Summer with a DIY iSuper/i Super Soaker

Sure, you'll need a whole bunch of stuff such as PVC piping, ABS, springs, hose clamps and valves to build this awesome thing. But it's able to have a constant stream as you hold the trigger down, which is more than you can say for many of the store-bought guns your foes will be saddled with. And that's what counts. [Super Soaker Central via Hack-a-Day via Make]

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I don't suggest this. Really, I don't suggest any DIY Projects with PVC piping that you'll take in public.

Why? Because when I was 13 I made a dry container out of PVC piping for kayaking. I liked it so much, I made several and used them for all kinds of things. One container was for my BB gun pellets, which had been persistently making a mess on my bedroom window sill.

One day, proud of myself, I brought my PVC pipe container to school with me... in my army/navy surplus store backpack. It had my BB gun pellets in it.

When I showed it to a friend before English class, someone nearby yelled, "Pipe bomb!" ... This became the start of a very embarrassing day.

Try as I might to explain the truth, the chubby little 13 year old version of myself was hauled off to the principal's office post haste. As the principal searched my army backpack he found a number of Weapons of WWI library books that I had coincidentally borrowed for an ill-timed history paper on none other than the weapons of World War I. As you can imagine, that didn't help my cause.

Lucky for me, this whole thing happened pre-Columbine... Had it not, I probably would have been in deep doggy-doo. As it was, though, my mother (an extremely feisty little woman) tore the principal a second butt hole for not believing her precious little boy's very true story and causing him so much grief. By grief, I mean that when she showed up I was crying.

Long story short, PVC DIY's often resemble very real, crude weapons. And in our paranoid, terrorist-fearing, post-911 culture, I don't recommend accidentally getting yourself up shit's creek.