The Rotting Corpse of Windows Mobile: Goodbye Mobile Firefox

Mozilla's officially abandoning development of Firefox Mobile for Windows Mobile in the wake of the shiny—er, matte—future of Windows Phone 7. Which they're not latching onto, either, because there's no native SDK.

The event's worth noting because they're among the first high profile devs to officially flee Windows Mobile, which has no future, even if Microsoft does plan to support its zombified corpse in the enterprise netherworld. Point being, Windows Mobile could turn out to be a lamer duck over the next 6 months while we wait for 7 Series phones than anybody expected (which is pretty f'n lame). In other words, DO NOT BUY. (Not that you were going to.) []



'because there's no native SDK'

...okay? Are they really so uptight that they can't be bothered to use a managed-code platform?