Shedding New Light From Old Junk

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That's a great-looking lamp, right there. And it's made up entirely of ugly found materials. Frankenlamps, you see, are artist Cory Barkman's specialty.


According to Barkman:

I search for interesting objects, primarily water, gas, air, and mechanical parts found at the scrap yard. They appeal almost immediately to me as I envision them as potential components. In my shop I organise these treasures. They become a cache of resources and inspiration. A few key objects will trigger a design concept, although sometimes all it takes is one. From there I begin to consider the pieces to fill out the lamp.

The results are diverse, certainly, and incredibly appealing for a certain retro aesthetic.

Unfortunately, since they're swish enough to be considered art, they're also incredibly expensive: between $1,200 and $25,000 a pop. In other words, I'd buy one if I thought I'd have enough left over to pay the electric bill. [Cory Barkman via Randommization]

DISCUSSION all I need is a submarine with a 19th century study.