Training Snipers Using Segways

How do you make sniper target practice more helpful and more fun? By shooting at Segway robots, of course.


For the Australian Defense Force's snipers, they enlisted the help of Marahon Robotics to set up a course populated by Segways with dummies on board. The Segways are programmed to wander around a small village aimlessly, and when a sniper picks one of them off, they all scatter automatically.

It's all pretty clever and awesome, really. It makes me want to become a sniper just so I can do this, which feels like a real-life video game. But I won't, because they are practicing so they can get good at shooting real people in the head. I guess I'll just stick with the video games then. [Marathon Robotics via Engadget]


why waste perfectly good robots when you have all those kangaroos down there. idiots.