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'Magnetic Woman' May Just Be Really Dirty

Illustration for article titled Magnetic Woman May Just Be Really Dirty

This woman claims to be magnetic. I mean, look at all those small, light, metal objects sticking to her! But you've gotta wonder if they're not just sticking to a thick layer of dried sweat.


I mean, not to be gross, but isn't that possible? Although she also claims that she can screw with electronics, those seem to be pretty dubious as well:

'On one occasion I had a dreadful experience at the supermarket. When I reached the check-out the till machine started to misbehave and it was obvious I had caused it.

'The man on the checkout started shouting at me and accused me of putting a voodoo curse on his till.'


So let me get this straight: a guy's cash register stopped working, so his first instinct was to accuse his customer of being magnetized? Uh, OK.

Look, I'm not saying that this woman is just sweaty or dirty and that's why things are sticking to her, I'm just saying she's probably not a human magnet. Because, come on. [Daily Mail via Boing Boing]

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Alex Earley

Hey guyz, Im magnetic too!

(spit and skin and coins = magnetic)