Help Me Shame My Coworkers

There are lots of pictures of the Giz staff on our site these days. From Mascari in the iPad review to Kyle riding the Honda U3-X, they're all over the place. What fitting source material for a Photoshop Contest!


Find and use any pictures of the Gizmodo crew from our various features, reviews and posts, and then use them to put them in embarrassing situations. Feel free to drop fun source material you find in the comments for others to use. You can also use pictures of me, I guess, but only if you make me look cool. I am judging this goddamned contest and I reserve the right to not include any shameful pictures of myself in the gallery next week. Deal with it.

Oh, and make the entries safe for work, please. Nudity is too easy, anyways. Get creative.

Send your best entries to me at with Giz Staffers in the subject line. Save your files as JPGs or GIFs under 800k in size, and use a FirstnameLastname.jpg naming convention using whatever name you want to be credited with. Send your work to me by next Tuesday morning, and I'll pick three top winners and show off the rest of the best in our Gallery of Champions. Get to it!

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