AT&T Plays Around With Logo Design Instead of Improving Network

Illustration for article titled ATT Plays Around With Logo Design Instead of Improving Network

Don't misunderstand, I don't think there's anything wrong with AT&T's desire to experiment with its logo design, but can we please focus funds on doing something about dropped calls first?


Despite the horrid scribbles and splashes of color we see at the end of the clip, AT&T's not actually dramatically changing its logo. What it is doing is removing the little "at&t" caption which normally sits under the ball o' blue. That logo modification and the clip above are apparently a part of the company's latest ad campaign theme which is dubbed "Rethink Possible."

Rethink Possible. Somehow that reminds me of Sony's make.believe—I didn't understand that campaign either. [Under Consideration]


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Judging by the end of the video the logo didnt they show flashes of different colors..this article is plain silly.

AT&T is perfectly fine here in Florida...but NY and CA are the most populated places in America and you guys bitch about dropped calls...unbelievable.