Google Preparing iPad Rival

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Confirming the rumors, and after dismissing the iPad as nothing more than a large phone, Google is getting ready its own tablet computer. At least, that was what Google CEO—and Steve Jobs' own personal Judas—Eric Schmidt is saying.


According to the New York Times, Schmidt told friends about the new tablet at a recent party in Los Angeles. NYT's sources point out that Google has already been talking with publishers about delivering content for the platform. Surprisingly, Schmidt said it will not run Chrome OS—as recently shown by a Chrome OS engineer—but Android, making it the true big phone Schmidt was mocking. It makes sense to build on Android, since it already has applications.

I wonder if Schmidt told Jobs about it over coffee. The War for the Future of Computing carries on. [NYT]



Jesus, seriously, I'm getting tired of your Apple-biased articles.

If the iPad can be marketable soley on it's app market, so can Google's version.

The iPad *is* a giant iPod. It's an ARM SoC tied in to a large display. Apple did it for the apps. It's obvious that they'll make more money off of people via apps than they will off of selling the actual product. iTunes is the same way for them. Apple sells software now moreso than hardware. It makes them more money. If they'd dropped an x86 processor into the iPad and OSX, they would have had a much better device, but they wouldn't have been able to lock down the device (prevent Flash) or sell owners a zillion apps.

It's silly (and that's why Google mocked it) but it makes money. And at least Google's device won't tell us what we want and how we're allowed to have it.

So seriously, stop paying lip service to Apple and figure this out; Apple and Google are businesses, they'll go where the money is. All that matters is how dirty they're willing to get to do it. Apple tells it's consumers what they can and can't have, (or, more appropriately, "you can have what we're selling, you can't have what we're not selling"). That's fine for some people, but not for all of us.