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Google Calls Oracle Lawsuit A Baseless Attack On The Open-Source Java Community

Illustration for article titled Google Calls Oracle Lawsuit A Baseless Attack On The Open-Source Java Community

Oracle, the company who acquired Sun Microsystems, the Java programming language and related technology in a nice package deal, accused Google of patent and copyright infringement in relation to those technologies. Based on its response, Google isn't happy:

We are disappointed Oracle has chosen to attack both Google and the open-source Java community with this baseless lawsuit. The open-source Java community goes beyond any one corporation and works every day to make the web a better place. We will strongly defend open-source standards and will continue to work with the industry to develop the Android platform.


Sounds like Google is ready to fight. [TechCrunch]

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Mr. Blonde

From what I hear, Oracle has no leg to stand on here, basically using its purchase of Sun to justify pretty much owning Java itself.

Dalvik was compiled in a clean-room with open-source Java, and the only real thing that Oracle can allege is that former Sun engineers actually furnished Google with some of their proprietary code, which sounds like BS.

Google appears ready to fight this thing in court all the way, and I say good for them and us. Oracle cant sue people simply because Android is a success and they want a piece, and this tries to threaten open-source SW for everyone.