Today is Gizmodo Day!

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This evening, more than 1,000 gadget lovers around the world meet to talk tech. With so many Meetups, how to stand out? We tell you what we're looking for to help you and your Meetup earn fame and glory!

We Want Pictures!
Send us pictures of your Meetups — on Facebook (make sure you're a fan of Gizmodo, then just attach a photo when writing on the wall), TwitPic, in the comments below, Flickr, or the service of your choice — by tagging them #GizDay. We'll be featuring some Meetups here on Gizmodo. We're especially interested in:

  • Seeing Gizmodo stickers in the photos! (We sent out as many stickers as we could, but don't worry if you didn't get one. Download and print out this PDF instead!)
  • Android, Blackberry, and iPhones play nice together
  • Group shots (with Gizmodo stickers/signs!)
  • Gizmodo stickers on gadgets like laptops or phones (your gadgets — be nice!)

And don't forget:

  • If you upload photos to Facebook, tag yourself and Meetup friends once the photo has been uploaded
  • Let us know where your Meetup is, using captions or geolocation data

Find the one closest to you by visiting the Gizmodo Day page or use the widget below to find the Meetup nearest you.


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Wait....we have to talk tech?


I knew i should have held out for the jezzie meet up.....