Is This the First Asus Windows Phone 7 Device?

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What we know: Asus is making a Windows Phone 7 handset. This Asus-branded phone looks like it's running Windows Phone 7. Ergo, this is an Asus Windows Phone 7 device. Right? Well... maybe.


There's definitely enough oddness here to give pause: it originates from Pakistan, which isn't especially known for its tech leaks, and "powered by ASUS" branding that you wouldn't typically find on Asus gear. And I've been burned by too many Jeff Goldblum death rumors to fully trust anything that originates from Twitter.

That being said, it's a nice-looking phone! Smooth design cues, brushed metal front, maybe even a front-facing camera. If the phone that Asus ends up putting out is even close to this possible protoype, it'll be worth getting excited about. [Shaistajafri via Pocketnow]


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Real or fake, I'm sold on the idea of an Asus phone. I'm pretty much sold on anything Asus does, now that I own one of their excellent notebooks.