Pipe Some Tunes With These Pretty PVC Speakers

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PVC, a cheap, durable polymer useful for all types of pipes and potato guns, has long been a go-to Maker material. But these Sea Cucumber speakers, available on Etsy for $200, are the rare pipes that shouldn't be hidden.


I'm not sure that they actually look like Sea Cucumbers. I'm not really sure what they look like (my onet hought was the garbage compactor monster from A New Hope? Maybe?) But I do know that they look pretty, and I wouldn't mind having them sitting around in my apartment, not even conveying any water or waste or shooting potatoes or anything at all.

The speakers, which have 3" magnesium/aluminum alloy full range drivers, are unpowered, which means you'll have to pair them with some sort of amplifier to listen to your music. PVC: usually functional and ugly; here: (until you get an amp) the opposite! [Etsy via Make]

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I'm assuming these are targeted at the general consumer, so I won't comment on how I probably won't shell out $200 for these. Rather, I'll just throw one tiny little quip out there:

What if I want to change the angle of the speaker? I'm used to my monitors being parallel to the floor and at head-height, not on the floor facing up. Can you say, "Unnecessary room reflections?"