Leaked HTC Glacier Could Be T-Mobile's Ultra-Fast Project Emerald Android Phone

Illustration for article titled Leaked HTC Glacier Could Be T-Mobiles Ultra-Fast Project Emerald Android Phone

Either HTC has signed up T-Mobile for a couple of new handsets, or that Project Emerald HTC Vision/Vanguard/G1 Blaze has another new name: HTC Glacier. It's appeared in GLBenchmark's database, with results that that are off the scale.


Only the CPU has been tested, but according to the leaked GLBenchmark figures discovered by AlienBabelTech.com, it's looking like it'll have at least a Snapdragon processor—could it be dual-core? Whatever it's got, it's scored double the frames that the HTC EVO 4G did.


Last week, T-Mobile launched the teaser website for "the first HSPA+ smartphone from T-Mobile," which will "shape the next generation. Yours." Could this be one and the same? [GLBenchmark via AlienBabelTech.com via Phandroid]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm having trouble viewing the GLBenchmark source site to see a full size picture of the table in the picture above.

It appears to be removed from the drop down lists.