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Gorilla Glass To Protect TVs From Wiimotes Next Year

Illustration for article titled Gorilla Glass To Protect TVs From Wiimotes Next Year

The Motorola Droid and Dell Streak are just a couple of the gadgets using Corning's high-strength Gorilla Glass for their displays, but from next year we could be seeing TVs donning stab-proof protection too.


While Corning is yet to sign on any TV manufacturers, they're hopeful they will have something on the market by early next year, even upsizing a factory in Japan in anticipation of the orders.


As we saw when Nintendo's Wii went on sale, the call for scratch-proof, unbreakable TV glass is getting louder, and Corning has the luxury of being one of the few companies touting hard-as-nails glass to manufacturers. They'll no doubt send prices for TV sets up a notch or two, but I for one would rather fling a few more notes at my next TV purchase, if I knew the thing would be as indestructible as a diamond. [Corning via Associated Press]

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Dr. Lecter: Tell me, Clarice Starling, would you happen to have a Wiimote?

Clarice: Nice try, Dr. Lecter. It's Gorilla Glass.