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Sprint Grows In Subscribers For the First Time In 3 Years

Illustration for article titled Sprint Grows In Subscribers For the First Time In 3 Years

Thanks to the popularity of Evo, Sprint gained 111,000 net subscribers in the second quarter, the first time the company has seen net subscriber growth in three years.


Sprint had been easing its subscriber loss quarter by quarter, but this most recent one was the first in which they were on the plus side overall:

* In the first quarter, Sprint lost 75,000 net subscribers.
* In the fourth quarter of 2009, Sprint lost 69,000 net subscribers.
* In the third quarter of 2009, Sprint lost 135,000 net subscribers.
* In the second quarter of 2009, Sprint lost 257,000 net subscribers.
* In the first quarter of 2009, Sprint lost a net 182,000 net subscribers.
* In 2008, Sprint lost 4.58 million subscribers.


The company projects that they will continue net subscriber growth throughout 2010. See what a kickstand can do for you? [ZDNet]

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Almost went to Sprint but their plans are either so limited in what you get for them, or give you way more than you want or need. Like I wanted to get a family plan with just talk and maybe add data to one line but the only talk only plan has only like 700 minutes and there is no higher option unless you want to get the unlimited data/text/minutes plan which is way too expensive for me and had all that extra stuff I didn't need.