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Google's Facebook Rival Won't Be a Rip Off...Says Google

Illustration for article titled Googles Facebook Rival Wont Be a Rip Off...Says Google

Codenamed "Google Me," Google's rumored Facebook-like site wasn't exactly confirmed by their CEO Eric Schmidt, when talking to the WSJ, but he did have something to say about cloned sites, and how no-one needs 'em.


It's believed that their social networking site will be very online-gaming focused, with developers such as Playdom Inc, EA's Playfish and Farmville-creator Zynga Game Network Inc all being chatted up by Google reportedly.


Facebook's ex-CTO Adam D'Angelo previously confirmed the existence of Google's pet project, and Digg founder kevin Rose even gave it a name—"Google Me," which I'm hoping is just the working name. [WSJ]

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Facebook has a 1/2 a billion people. There are roughly 1.4 billion people that have some form of Internet access (computer, cell phone, internet cafe, etc...)

How Google thinks they can steal Facebook's marketshare is beyond me, but I also doubted Android. Maybe they have something up their sleeve, but just looking at the numbers - I don't think they stand a chance.