It Might Be Legal, But Apple Still Says Jailbreaking Can Void Warranty

We've already covered why legal iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking doesn't really matter that much, but Apple has chimed in with an official statement as well:

Apple's goal has always been to insure that our customers have a great experience with their iPhone and we know that jailbreaking can severely degrade the experience. As we've said before, the vast majority of customers do not jailbreak their iPhones as this can violate the warranty and can cause the iPhone to become unstable and not work reliably.


Looks like nothing has really changed for iPhone users as you're still risking your warranty. [Cult of Mac]


Damn the Fanboys

How was there every any question in the first place whether or not jailbreaking is legal or not. What if Microsoft made it so that you couldn't put Linux on computers? Its my device, I'll do with it as a damn well please.....although, to be fair, I haven't touched my first gen ipod touch in months.......