New Xbox 360 Arcade Coming in August?

Last we heard, the $199 Arcade version of the updated Xbox 360 would be coming in "fall." Now, Amazon Germany has posted a page with a few more details—namely, that it will come with 4GB of storage (possibly on a USB stick) on August 20th. Foreign Amazon pages and international ship dates can both be a bit cagey in terms of dictating what will happen in the US market, but it certainly seems that we'll see the new, cheap version of the Xbox earlier than Thanksgiving and maybe even within summer. [Amazon via Kotaku]

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Nice, but not going to work for me. I was considering picking up a cheap XBox, but only so that I could leave it at my parents' house when I'm staying there at length (taking care of pets, etc) so that all I'd need to take with me is my hard drive, rather than unravelling the mess of cables & crap behind my TV.