A Skype Wedding For a Volcano-Stranded Couple

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Sean Murtagh and Natalie Mead had planned on a London wedding when they returned from a trip to Dubai. But after Eyjafjallajokull's enormous cloud of ash, they spent their nuptials stuck in a Middle East airport. Fortunately, there was Skype.


Sean borrowed a fresh shirt and slacks, while Natalie put on the nicest dress she'd packed. The airport hotel donated the cake, flowers, and balloons. And a laptop webcam broadcasted their vows back to friends and relatives, assembled in Britain as scheduled, via Skype:

Natalie Mead told Gulf News: "Passengers stranded in the hotel were getting excited for the first time in days when they heard about our wedding; some even helped me with my hair and make-up. It was also great to see everyone in the UK on our wedding day, even if it was via webcam."...

Caroline Black, a celebrant who conducted the online ceremony from London, said: "It was just like any other wedding except the bride and groom weren't there."

And you wonder why we want a front-facing camera on our products! So we can have all the fun of a wedding without any of the relatives. [Sydney Morning Herald via Neatorama]



I know it was unusual circumstances, but it would be nice if the airline they were originally flying with dished a couple of first class freebies for the honeymoon.