Nokia N8 Takes Great Photos, But Symbian^3 Is an Unpolished Turd

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A 12MP cameraphone has been turning up in leaked documents, photos and patents, but finally Russian site Mobile-Review has done us proud and snagged hands-on pics. Apart from that image sensor, it's also sporting Symbian^3, the first to do so.


Mobile-Review reports (after a Google translation) that it takes decent photos, noting it "is a bit better than the Sony Ericsson Satio," but there's no ground-breaking features in that department. It can record video in 720p resolution, and it's "pretty fast," but only if you haven't loaded it with heaps of tunes, videos and photos. Of course, the N8 is probably just at prototype stage, so things like the multi-touch (which is a similar experience to using the X6 apparently) may well improve/change.

It figures there's also a HDMI-output which will come in use for that HD video, but that's the final hardware change deemed worthy enough to mention. Internally, that Symbian^3 OS gets a big "do not like," and is "brushed, washed, but not polished," but as I said before it could all change before the N8 sees the harsh strip lighting of shops. [Mobile-Review via Twitter]


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Here is Gizmodo we know much so taking our opinion won't make the cut.

Few days ago, i was in a mobile store, i stayed there about 15 minutes, and asked few guys, why don't you buy an iPhone instead of 8 MP Samsung and Nokia. Most of them quickly replied, iPhone? 2 MP camera, no thanks.

When i tried to talk about the platform idea, and the thousands of great apps, most of them said, who cares. It's complicated and iTunes Store needs credit card and so on, so no benefit for us.

I won't blame Nokia for what they do, they know what people wants, and apparently still large amount of people wants better hardware and don't care about the OS.