Gizmodo Needs a New Comment Intern

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Gizmodo's commenter community is the best in all the interworld. But it doesn't just take care of itself. We need someone to spend an hour or so a day moderating comments, for a little cash and a lot of glory.


We'll teach you how we determine what what makes a good comment and who should be approved. You'll work with our editors to promote good comments and wield the banhammer against trolls.

If you already spend a good amount of time in the comments, this could be just the post for you.

Here are some things that don't matter: what time zone you're in; if your resume is properly formatted; if you work other jobs, don't work other jobs, or are currently a student.

Here are things that do matter: you're over the age of 18; you're dependable; you're level-headed; and you have an hour or so everyday you can spend working with Giz comments.

You won't get any free gadgets, but you will receive a stipend of $100 a month and our undying gratitude.


Sound like the internship for you? Send an email to with the subject "Comment Intern" explaining a little bit about yourself and why you'd be good for the job.

Banhammer courtesy EagleApex



Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

This sounds like a perfect job for just about every starred commenter out there. I mean, most starred commenters spend at least an hour on Gizmodo per day anyway and they already promote and approve comments. The only extra responsibility would be banning (and disemvoweling?) people which doesn't happen all that often.

Great idea though, you'll get plenty of applicants I'm sure so you should have a pretty good pool of people to pick from. I nominate Ponies or Kaiser.