New Tron: Legacy Pics: Evil Flynn Looks Wicked Cool

Illustration for article titled New Tron: Legacy Pics: Evil Flynn Looks Wicked Cool

It's an encouraging sign that every time I see or hear something new about Tron: Legacy, it only gets me more excited. These five brand new stills are definitely no exception.


The images are from this month's Empire magazine, on newsstands today and featuring all sorts of Tron: Legacy goodness. Like how David Fincher gave notes on a rough cut! Hopefully he's injecting a little more Fight Club and a little less The Social Network. [Empire via Bleeding Cool]



As enthusiastic as I was at first, I'm keeping in mind that this is Disney, and for the most part, I have not been terribly satisfied with much of what Disney had to offer outside of PIXAR's movies. I'm really hoping that they put the most effort in the story, because as much as I love the whole light cycle thing, over an hour of fancy Tron effects is going to get tiresome really quickly without greater care for the plot. The trailer better be a huge undersell. Pretty please. I don't go to the movies that often, so I like to make the few times I do go count.