Chocolate? There's An App For That

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These aren't just any chocolates. These are gourmet delicacies bursting with the aroma of organic cocoa beans and your chosen four flavors out of caramel, ganache, coffee, hazelnuts and sweet almonds. Oh, and they look just like iPhone apps.


Handmade in France, they're on Etsy now for $46.44 per box, otherwise check out the "mothers edition" which comes in Mumsy-friendly colors of red and brown. [Etsy via 7Gadgets via OhGizmo Geeky-Gadgets]



$46.44 for a box of chocolate? That's expensive. That would literally get me several kilos of chocolate, including bars with nuts, caramel and coffee flavour. No idea what ganache is though.

Oh, good morning Kat.