What iTunes LP Should've Meant

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Is listening to your iTunes playlist over vinyl the most practical of ideas? Nah. But throw in a futuristic glowing ring and call to arms for playlist purists, and Martin Skelly's Playlist Player has a friend in me.

The Playlist Player is for those who put in the kind of thought into their daily soundtracks that the Genius button could never match. It doesn't necessarily promise higher fidelity; just that you'll take the time to stop and hear the Stone Roses:

There are two parts to the design: the player, and the record box containing five different coloured covers. Once the playlists are chosen and synced to the player with a memory stick, the user customizes the outside of the sleeve with artwork of their choice. It could be photos of a memorable night or person or typed and hand drawn tracklists. Once the record is placed on the player, the music begins and the outer ring of lights illuminates. As the playlists plays rings of light visible through the translucent record move towards the centre of the disc, like a needle tracking on a record. These lights represent time and not the number of tracks, meaning your music must be enjoyed from start to finish with no distractions like the temptation to skip tracks, fast forward or rewind.


And while the Playlist Player seems concepty, you can actually buy one! Pricing, availability, and deep cut recommedations by request at the designer's website. [Martin Skelly via NOTCOT]

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It's probably me but I'm lost trying to figure out the point of this device.

Hell I'm not sure what it really does other than play musc.