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Samsung's TL500 Reviewed: The Next Point-and-Shoot Powerhouse

Illustration for article titled Samsungs TL500 Reviewed: The Next Point-and-Shoot Powerhouse

The Photography Blog posted their characteristically extensive review of the Samsung TL500, the company's new high-end point-and-shoot, and they say it's the powerhouse we suspected it would be, earning points for its excellent images, extensive controls, and "bullet-proof build quality."


Besides a few dings for slow RAW speed and not shooting 720p video, the TL500 sounds like it'll have no problem going toe to toe with the Canon S90, the reigning high-end point-and-shoot champ. Says Photography Blog:

Having reviewed literally hundreds of cameras over the years, it's still very rare to pick a new one up for the first time and instantly think that most things feel just right. That's certainly the case with the [TL500], thanks to its wealth of external controls that put all the major photographic functions literally at your finger-tips...Only the sluggish RAW speed and slightly bulky size (at least in comparison with the EX1's closest rival, the Panasonic LX3) detract from what is otherwise a fantastically well thought-out camera.


With a huge host of controls and a swiveling 3" AMOLED screen, the $450 TL500 isn't exactly modest, but from the sounds of things it wears its decked-out feature set very well. [Photography Blog]

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Sorry, but I prefer my "Point-and-Shoot" DSLR Sony NEX 5 with its full size APS-C sensor I bought recently over this one.