Finland's Broadband-As-Legal-Right Available From Today For Everyone

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Broadband should be a god-given right in every country, but today Finland becomes the first country to make it a legal right for each and every citizen. It's only a 1Mbps connection for now, but by 2015 they're promised 100Mbps.


I love legal rights. Particularly when the government actually follows through on what they pledge—in this case, the Finnish government took just nine months to make it happen.

A similar deal has been making waves in the UK, with all residents supposedly able to access a 2Mbps connection by 2012, with the campaign spear-headed by former founder Martha Lane Fox.

Unfortunately the Finnish government won't be subsidizing the cost of the 1Mb connection for its population, instead forcing all broadband companies to be able to hook up anyone who asks for a line—though around 96 per cent of the people are already using the internet at home. [BBC]



Man, what. the. hell. Why can't we do these things in America? How come all these other places get the good things, but we're stuck with (large group of expletives) Comcast and Time Warner? There needs to be a way to fix this.

There SHOULD be a way to fix this. I understand capitalism is all about personal gain, but when all it does is drain a market of any progress and the only competition is one of rising prices, then it needs to change somehow.