Lucasfilm Thinks the Spyder III Arctic Laser Is a Little Too Much Like a Real Lightsaber

Illustration for article titled Lucasfilm Thinks the Spyder III Arctic Laser Is a Little Too Much Like a Real Lightsaber

We now know that the crazy-powerful Spyder III Arctic laser actually emits a visible, fearsome blue beam, just like a real lightsaber. George Lucas' lawyers saw this thing and fired off a cease and desist faster than Han shot Greedo.


Lucasfilm recently slapped Wicked Lasers, the manufacturers of the device, the C&D and issued this statement along with it:

SAN FRANCISCO—(EON: Enhanced Online News)—Earlier this week, Wicked Lasers released photos and information regarding the "Pro Arctic Laser," a product designed to resemble the famous lightsaber hilt from the Star Wars Saga. Described by Wicked Lasers as "the most dangerous laser ever created," the product description goes on to say that "extremely dangerous is an understatement."

Lucasfilm's General Counsel David Anderman had this response:

"It has come to our attention that a company called Wicked Lasers is selling a highly dangerous product out of Hong Kong that is designed to look like a lightsaber from Star Wars. This product is not licensed or approved by Lucasfilm in any way. We have demanded that Wicked Lasers immediately cease and desist their infringing activities. As Wicked Lasers itself admits, this product can cause serious injury to the user and other people. We strongly discourage consumers from purchasing it."

Now, nowhere on Wicked Lasers' site does it mention anything about lightsabers or Star Wars, and I only called it a lightsaber when I first saw it because, you know, at some point a really powerful portable laser just gets to the point where you have to rely on the lightsaber touchstone to describe it.

Of course, Lucasfilm's response confirms that, yes, in fact, this is pretty much a real life lightsaber, and with that inadvertent endorsement, I imagine we'll have to use the Spyder III Arctic in some (safe, controlled) Star Wars-inspired scenarios for our upcoming review. The Force works in mysterious ways! [Business Wire]