Video Clearly Shows Antenna Defect on iPhone 4 Web Browser

The iPhone 4's antenna problem continues. People around the world keep experiencing it. So many that a class action suit is already in the works. This video proves that a simple touch affects web page loading, stopping it completely.


As you can clearly see here, this problem is not just about the iPhone 4 not displaying full bars, but it's about real data loss. It's pretty simple: Leaving the phone on the table loads the web page at full speed. Touching the problematic area, pauses the loading of the web page.

We have already experienced this problem ourselves many times, with mail and voice call drops and voice degradation, but this video is pretty damning evidence about how it works. Since it's a design problem—and the antenna is all around the phone, making it hard to avoid unless you have a bumper or force your hand position—it will affect everyone at some point, unless you are really close to a cell tower.

While the iPhone 4 is a great phone, this problem affects at least 40% of the iPhone buyers—according to most web polls—and as high as 93% of users according to a recent UK-based poll. Those who bought iPhone 4s here in Gizmodo are experiencing signal loss, although they are keeping it despite this problem. Joel Johnson, Brian Barrett, and myself would avoid it until the fix the problem.


Apple hasn't yet provided with a fix except recommending to "hold the iPhone in a different way" or "buy a case."


If you are affected by the problem, you can sign the petition to ask Apple for free bumpers.



Matthew Chomiczewski

So check this out.

I waited in line this morning at my local AT&T store to get my iPhone.

While in line, AT&T reps were keeping tabs on those waiting, along with answering questions anyone might have. They were very nice, but I can't believe what was going on.

You see, people in line were asking alot of questions about the antenna and the problems with reception.

The reps then proceded to feed the biggest bullshit story I have ever heard.

They explained that the issues people were having actually had nothing to do with the reception. Holding the phone a certain way would make the phone APPEAR to lose reception. It would lower the display bars, but in actuality, the reception was un-altered.

I couldn't believe my ears. Do they think people are that dumb? Did they actually think telling people the truth, that holding the phone a certain way can cause loss of reception, would cause people to rethink their decision?

I would file a formal complaint, but I know that that is a long, winding dead-end road, and it wouldn't be worth it.

But I had to tell you guys. Has anyone else heard this crock of malarkey?

Again, according to AT&T, holding the phone a certain way can make the display appear to lose reception, but it really has no effect.

One rep kept hammering into people,

"Well if you're a person who is paranoid and is always checking your bars, you might have problems. This is all in your head of course, as it is only a problem with the display."