The Deadliest Army Weapon In Action

The XM25 is the deadliest hand weapon in the army arsenal. Why? Because it can fire 25mm rounds that explode at any distance set by the soldier, killing people protected behind walls or trenches. Here it is in action.

This is how the gas-operated semi-automatic XM25 system works:

• Imagine there is an enemy sniper hiding behind a window in a building.
• The soldier points the weapon to the building's façade, measuring the distance.
• Using two buttons on the front handle, he would then add whatever distance he estimates is the correct one to get the 25mm round through the window and into the room, near the enemy.
• Then he would fire. The smart round knows where it is at all times thanks to its built-in circuitry.
• When the round reaches the distance set by the soldier, it would explode, killing the enemy with a fragmentation warhead. The round doesn't really have to be very near the enemy. Its blast radius is equivalent to a hand grenade, so these things are extremely dangerous, and almost impossible to survive.


Pretty scary... if you are at the other side of the battlefield. But according to Col. Doug Tamilio—project manager for Soldier weapons with the Army's Program Executive Office Soldier—it will save soldiers' lives. The XM25 is now ready and will be deployed in Afghanistan by the Green Berets. [ via Defense Tech]

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It will only "save" lives until and unless "enemies" get one. And then it all gets balanced out, only this time with both sides taking a higher casualty rate.